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Women, don’t be clueless about money, YOUR man is not a financial plan


Hey girlfriends!

Just a little something for you to ponder about.
May take away few minutes of your precious time but it may (or may not for some, for whatever reasons you have) help you make better decision for your wonderful life.




  • We live longer than men but retire at a younger age
  • Many of us aged 45 to 60 spend our productive years as housewives taking care of our families
  • Women are able to make only basic or minimal contributions to the CPF, some have NONE at all
  • We have less earning power than men on average
  • We tend to suffer from more debilitating diseases in old age



How does it feel having to leave your great career because you have to care for your small loved ones?
No more shopping for branded shoes, handbags or latest handphones.
Say goodbye to therapeutic spa and facial treatments.

Is that they way to go? Even if you have to stop working, does is it sound fair that all these have to stop?  Since most of you, my friends, are around our 20s, are you aware of a way to accumulate a significant sum in later years??

Does it sound realistic that your man can provide you with the desired sum of money?
Maybe.. unless you are intending to marry some Datuk K or a big shot tycoon!!


So what’s your take??


so what’s your interpretation of the above image???



hello world!!

i aspire to become the centre of information to all.
i have met with special and influential people who have changed the way i perceive life.
life can miserable to most of you out there
cos you always think of life that way all the time.
perhaps, you can try to change your view on LIFE

influenced by my dearest mentor,
i aspire to be like him with time, knowledge and experience
it is indeed possible!
look out for more “type-ups”(or write-ups)!
i hope your blog-hopping time is more meaningful and beneficial