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First of all, unless someone is critical to helping you achieve your goal(s), do not freely share your goals with others. The negative attitude from friends and family can drag you down quickly. It’s very important that your self-talk (the thoughts in your head) are positive.

Reviewing your goals daily is a crucial part of your success and must become part of your routine. Each morning when you wake up, read your list of goals.
Visualize the completed goal, see the new home, smell the leather seats in your new car, feel the cold hard cash in your hands.
Then each night, right before you go to bed, repeat the process. This will also begin to replace any of the negative self-talk you may have and replace it with positive self-talk.


Every time you make a decision during the day, ask yourself this question, “Does it take me closer to, or further from my goal.” If the answer is “closer to,” then you’ve made the right decision. If the answer is “further from,” well, you know what to do.

If you follow this process everyday you will be on your way to achieving unlimited success in every aspect of your life. 

In life, the things you want cannot be achieved at the present level of comfort that you may be operating in. You must step out into a new zone. Step into a new set of risks.

Just take an example of you wanting to shed those extra kilos. After so long of not exercising, that final day that you decide to start your jogging routine and healthy diet, is it easy to start off?

It's normal to feel that exercising is killing you but that is just the initial part.

It's normal to feel that exercising is killing you but that is just the initial part


That very first step you decide to put on your running shoes and get out of the house is crucial. Initially, there will be a degree of difficulty. We are going to be uncomfortable taking action.

Decide what is important to you. Do not focus on needs as it won’t inspire you nor will it motivate you because you will not get emotionally involved in what you need. You will only get emotionally involved in something that you really want.

Take a pad.
Make a WANT list of things you want to be, of things you want to do, the kind of life you want to have.

Continue to pursue that new goal of yours until you arrive into an entirely new zone of comfort.


We give up what we want most for something we want in the moment.

We get comfort in the moment but we give up what we want most in the long-term.

We want long-term success but we lose it by escaping the pain of rejection in the moment. 



Have you achieved your goals so far???

Do you have that new year resolution for 2009?
So how do you remember your resolutions?
Simply by remembering them?

Okay let me pose this question to you. Do you remember your 2008 resolutions?


Try to recall

Try to recall

Sometimes, we tend to set too many, don’t we? And by 31st December 2008 when we were busily thinking of our new 2009 resolutions, often times, we forgot our past resolutions. That means to say, not only you did not achieve the resolutions but as a matter of fact, you were not even serious to achieve them.

When I join the insurance business, I have learned to write down my goals to paper and not simply storing them in my mind (like what I used to do for so many years!). My coaches keep stressing the importance of writing that goals down to paper. Something that is visible to you, something that you can look at on a daily basis. I am sure that their habit of writing down their goals is one of the factors to their success.


I have also met many people from different walks of life telling me about their goals. I always love listening to them sharing their short-term and long-term goals. And as a Life Planner, I always assure them that their financial goals are indeed achievable with proper planning and discipline. To those whom I’ve met to share my ideas on planning your finances, I am sure you have a clearer picture of what I do and not merely insurance. I hope you have benefited from our meeting.

So, what is the difference between a dream and a goal?

Goal setting however is more than simply scribbling down some ideas on a piece of paper. Our goals need to be complete and focused, much like a road map.

Just want to share some steps to goal setting in this week’s topic.

   o Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good

When setting goals, it is very important to remember that your goals must be consistent with your values.

   o A goal cannot contradict any of your other goals

For example, you cannot buy a $500,000 car if your income goal is only $24,000 per year.
This is called non-integrated thinking and will sabotage all of the hard work you put into your goals. Non-integrated thinking can also hamper your everyday thoughts as well.
We should continually strive to eliminate contradictory ideas from our thinking.

   o Develop goals in the key areas of life

      ➢ Family and Home
      ➢ Financial and Career
      ➢ Spiritual
      ➢ Physical and Health
      ➢ Social and Cultural
      ➢ Mental and Educational

Setting goals in each area of life will ensure a more balanced life as you begin to examine and change the fundamentals of everyday living.

   o Write your goal in the positive instead of the negative

Part of the reason why we write down and examine our goals is to create a set of instructions for our subconscious mind to carry out.
Your subconscious mind is a very efficient tool, it cannot determine right from wrong and it does not judge. Its only function is to carry out its instructions.
The more positive instructions you give it, the more positive results you will get. Thinking positively in everyday life will also help in your growth as a human being. Don’t limit it to goal setting.

   o Write your goal out in complete detail

Instead of writing “A new car,” write “A white Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet with white leather seats.”
Once again we are giving the subconscious mind a detailed set of instructions to work on. The more information you give it, the more clear the final outcome becomes. The more precise the outcome, the more efficient the subconscious mind can become.

   o Make sure your goal is high enough

Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll still be in the stars.

   o This is the most important, WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS

Writing down your goals creates the roadmap to your success. Although just the act of writing them down can set the process in motion, it is also extremely important to review your goals frequently. Remember, the more focused you are on your goals the more likely you are to accomplish them. Sometimes we realize we have to revise a goal as circumstances change. 


WRITE THEM DOWN! Take that first step, at least?

WRITE THEM DOWN! Take that first step, at least?


Just like what I learned from John Kanary seminar, he mentioned never change your goals, change the plans if you must.


So your goals are written down.





Look out for next week’s topic for the second part of this article!

education + training + upgrading = _____________


“Do not buy what you cannot afford”.

Does that liner sounds familiar to you? This is the advice often given to young couples starting off in life. The same basic advice should be heeded by many. If you cannot afford it- then do not buy the item. But what about investing in your own future in terms of an investment in your personal education or training as well as investments in your own personal career. Is this not getting ahead in life? Is this not money well spent?
If at the end of the day, you hold a higher position, higher salary and better benefits in addition to “job” and “personal” satisfaction, is this not money, time and effort well spent and allocated? Indeed it is and can well be. 

A course at any education institution may not be offered in your calendar year – you will have to complete your schooling fully at a later date than expected. Do not stretch yourself too thin – financially. Leave a buffer of funding both for yourself as well with the financial institution that provided the loan – be at bank, savings and loan, or even parents or relatives. Don’t break the bank so to speak at the first step.

Now many people are discussing among themselves about further studies, taking up courses, upgrading, learning new set of skills and etc . . .


Is this important to you?

Is this important to you?

If you don’t plan your finances well, do you think you will be able to bear the cost of upgrading yourself?

We are now experiencing recession due to the financial crisis. And this has some kind of effect on the employment rate in Singapore. This serves as a wake-up call to many.

My clients who are in their 20s have mentioned about their intention to further their studies. However, what is stopping them from doing so is always  lack of finances (being the number one reason) and too much commitment having to balance work and family. What a pity to these clients of mine as they have the interest to upgrade themselves but do not have the means to do so!

As for myself, I am indeed lucky to have such a wonderful parents. My mother is a typical, conservative and thrifty lady. Thanks to her who has done an excellent job in planning our family finances. Not that we belong to the higher-income family, but at least she has put me through university using their hard-earned money. I am so grateful that I don’t have to be one of those who has to take up study loan from government-approved organization or banks.


If my primary four educated mother can plan the family finances this well . . . . . 




How would the people who count on you be protected if an accident suddenly took you out of their lives?


It’s an important question to ask. 

If you have read The Newpaper dated Friday, 2 January 2009, you would definitely have read the article on “Year of Riding Dangerously” by Zaihan Mohd Yusof.

YOU do not want to be on the list – WASTED LIVES especially in their prime age.

And sad to say, most of the victims featured in the article are mostly Malays and youth.

Some are still students, serving NS, just starting to path out their career and a pillion rider featured in the article was pregnant (which had killed two lives!).


Police officer Abdul Halim Abdul Samad's motorcycle collided with a mini van on his way to report for duty. SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS FILE PICTURE

DEADLY CRASH: Police officer Abdul Halim Abdul Samad's motorcycle collided with a mini van on his way to report for duty. SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS FILE PICTURE



In a separate article, a lorry driver was so badly crushed that it took rescuers 40 minutes to extricate the trapped driver.


lorry had crashed into a tree at Queensway - TNP Crystal Chan

Lorry had crashed into a tree at Queensway - TNP Crystal Chan


And one day before this accident, a crane driver was crushed to death when a container fell on top of his vehicle at around noon.


What does all these explain?

YES, accidents do happen. .

And yet, when I talk to friends or clients, some are ignorant about this.
They told me they can’t be this unlucky.
This won’t happen to them.
They don’t ride a bike or drive a car so they will not meet with any accident.
All sorts of excuses!!
People always want to avoid such topic but isn’t it better to take a precautionary measure?

I’m sure the victims of the accident not only left behind their loved ones but that can also mean they have left their family with unsettled bike loans, car loans, housing loans, personal installment loans and etc.

All these are concerning huge amount of money. What happens if a sole breadwinner were to leave the picture first? Who is going to take care of the wife and children’s well being? Lifestyle has to change and children’s education planning will be affected.

If this were to happen to you, I am sure you want to leave your family as a responsible husband, wife, son, or daughter. This means you have to take your own PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. 

No one likes to think or talk about losing their loved ones, but preparation is the best form of defense in financial matters.

The least you can do is to lessen your family’s burden or even better if you could leave them with an amount of money so that are able to cope with the situation.

So take an action now!
Be a RESPONSIBLE someone.



Remember your loved ones

Remember your loved ones