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Motivation Pill: Perseverance

I have decided to have an entry for motivation.  A way to remind myself and also to those who need some motivation dose too! 2009 is coming to a close. About two months left before we bid goodbye to 2009 and say hello to 2010. If you are in similar state as me, come on and try to achieve those goals you have not yet achieved. It is still possible.


During times of deep trial, despair, and sadness, seek comfort and guidance. Bear those difficult times with “patient, perseverance and prayer.” Indeed, many people before us have suffered and had their faith tested; so too will we be tried and tested in this life.

Key word is PERSEVERE.

So what is perseverance?

o      Commitment, hard work, patience, endurance

o      Being able to bear difficulties calmly and without complaint

o      Trying again and again


You persevere when you . . .

o      Try a new sport that is very difficult but you don’t give up

o      Come from a home where there is fighting, negativity and unhappiness but you still try your best

o      Are at the end of a difficult race but you cross the finish line

o      Save money and make sacrifices to buy something beneficial

o      Spend hours practicing on your music

o      Try out at something you were not successful at the first time

o      Etc.

Let’s persevere and achieve the goals we have set beginning of the year.

Here are some useful quotes:

o      Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily

o      Work hard and give it your best shot; never be a quitter ~ Charley Taylor

Put perseverance into action:

o      When something starts to bother you

o      When something does not work right, try again and again

o      Do not lose your temper when something upsets you

o      Always finish what you start

o      Keep working at something that is difficult until you complete it

o      Do not give up on difficult jobs or situations

o      Work a little harder or a few minutes longer on a task that you do not like



o      Escape or avoid your problems

o      Blame yourself

o      Blame other people

o      Blame chance/luck

o      Blame other things, forces, or powers



o      Face and accept what happens in your life

o      Express your feelings

o      Write about your feelings

o      Get help if you need it

o      Take good care of yourself

o      Learn and grow from your experiences, including the ones that hurt


“Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives, and the fruits of your toil. But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere. Those who say, when afflicted with calamity, ‘To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return.’ They are those on whom descend blessings from their Lord, and mercy. They are the ones who receive guidance.” (2:155-157)

“No one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint, none but persons of the greatest good fortune.” (41:35)

This is my personal favourite quote:

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.  The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.  ~Earl Nightingale