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Do you want to get the most out of your life and career?

According to Wikipedia, Personal Development for individuals refers to actions or aspirations oriented towards one or more of the following aims:

  • improving self-awareness
  • improving self-knowledge
  • building or renewing identity
  • developing strengths or talents
  • identifying or improving potential
  • building employability or human capital
  • enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life
  • realizing dreams
  • fulfilling aspirations

As Mark Twain explains, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Life without growth would be a pretty dull existence, isn’t it? It is human nature not to choose personal development due to common reasons (excuses?) like fear, routine, busy lives, outside interference, etc.

Not now i'm busy

Personal development is no doubt, important. It voices our opportunity to create a better quality of life be it physically, mentally or spiritually. It opens doors and provides the satisfaction that comes only from accomplishment.

We are all capable of personal development. We are simply “too busy” with our lives and make no time to really sit down and discover one’s real potential. The first step is to recognize your areas of interest and to decide that you want to improve. Begin by changing your attitude and the way you view your opportunities.

Few pointers to ponder about as you work on self-improvement:

  • Fear of making mistakes is one of the biggest deterrents to growth.
    Everyone makes mistakes thus it is really alright. Keep in mind that as long as each mistake is a new one, you are making progress. Look at it as an experience. Be bold and willing to try new things. Learn from it and move on. You have a chance to change the present and the future by your choices and actions you made.


  • Always give your best.
    No one looks back on their life and has regrets about doing their best.
  • Accept personal responsibility for growth.
    Focus on the area that you have selected and most importantly, get started.
  • Learn from the experience of others.
    It will shorten your learning time and give you more energy for growth.
  • Have a mentor to keep your progress on track.
    Spend time with a person you respect. You will be learning from interacting with them and they will be supportive of your goals.

Some easy ways to begin NOW:

  • Read books, magazines and newspapers.
    Many articles have been written to provide in-depth plans for personal development. Research shows that avid readers read better, write better and concentrate better. Reading can also keep your mind active and engaged well into old age. Take time to read every day. So go to the nearest bookstore or public library and grab a book/magazine/newspaper.
  • Listen to some positive thoughts. positive thoughts
    Apply these thoughts in your own life.
  • Attend a seminar
  • Listen to an audio or watch a video presentation at the comfort of your home
  • Take classes.
    This is to ensure that you stay current in your field of expertise. The world is changing fast and you must learn to manage change to avoid becoming obsolete.
  • Find a nonjudgmental mentor .
    Someone who will help you by providing feedback, suggestions, challenges and support. A mentor also provides that element of accountability that can be difficult to measure alone.
  • Make use of internet opportunities.
    The internet makes accessing information easier than it has ever been. There are websites filled with information about every possible subject. Take time to look up areas of interest and select options that will be a benefit as you work toward your personal development goals.

While developing yourself, why not get some of your friends to join in the quest. Encourage them to try new things. Many people are stifled by fear of the unknown and a word of support from someone they respect can provide the courage needed to attempt areas of personal development not otherwise considered.

This is an era where the winners can win big and the losers can lose big.

Make a commitment

at an early age to learn the skills we need to develop and evolve through our lives. Why not commit to controlling the areas of our life that benefit us the most? A commitment to personal development is the first step in taking control of how your future will turn out, the way to go to achieve success in life. You should pay special attention to your personal development. Those who ignore personal development will stagnate in life while those who work on it will grow.

Personal development also helps you to connect you with positive people. When you focus on something, you tend to find things that are related to it. For instance, if you are learning economy, you will spot many more economic-related stuff than you normally would. That’s because your mind has a filter that filter out irrelevant things. When you focus on something, your filter is set in such a way to give you more of it and less of other things.

When you focus your attention on personal development, you are more likely to find like-minded people than you would otherwise. Having these positive people around you will in turn make it easier for you to grow. It’s a virtuous cycle that brings you to higher and higher level in life.

Now that you know how important personal development is, you need to make conscious effort to grow yourself. Start reading personal development books and apply what you learn. Of course, growing yourself is a process that takes time, but by being aware of its importance you will have the necessary motivation to move forward.


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