Are you a SMART saver?

¶ Do you agree that in life, nothing ever stays the same?

¶ Do you agree that at different stages of your life, responsibilities, commitments and financial protection needs vary?

¶ Do you also agree that you have financial goals such as:

à Saving for a new dream home & that exotic holidays
à Funding an education plan which is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your children
à Planning for your rosy retirement days so as to be able to enjoy every retirement day as if it was your last

However, while trying to achieve the goals that you have set,

¶ You have the tendency to spend the lump sum amount of savings on impulse purchases

¶ You have no discipline to save a certain amount of your income every single month

¶ You are stuck with a long-term, fixed savings plan whilst you prefer to have the flexibility to increase and decrease the amount in tune with your current needs

¶ You are worried that your hard-earned savings may be wiped out because of unforeseen circumstances

¶ You ended up with no savings at all!

I am sure you are SMART enough to agree with the statements above because those are the usual dreams, goals, concerns and worries of most individuals.

Whatever your financial needs and goals may be, let’s plan the flexible and SMART way so your plan stays relevant to you, now and in the future and most important of all, being able to achieve your SMART goals!

Think SMART and act SMART! We can show you the SMART way!


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